I remember my time as a kid, eagerly waiting for the clock to strike 8 pm as I sat excitedly in front of the television waiting for the airing of nature documentaries in the early 2000s, back before Netflix was a thing. I vividly remember this episode on eagles, the…

In design, we often need to take distance to provide a balanced evaluation of a project brief or exploration. Outcomes are similarly derived after careful consideration from multiple stakeholders in order to provide a holistic solution; not just for the end-users but also for all other parties.

Image source: Pexels

In this regard…

After much contemplation, I begin this essay with the title of ’What is the role of a designer in strategic design?’. I had trouble naming the topic due to the need to establish a good balance between the human and structural approach in framing this article.

From my perspective, there…

Shawn Ng

Designer living in sunny Singapore. I enjoy exploring new perspectives that can shape creativity and design.

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